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If you’re a new student here, we highly recommend going over the following documents:


  • What you must bring on your first arrival: PDF
    • TL;DR If you wear glasses get additional pairs. Glasses and medical care are expensive in the US. Expect your first month’s expense to be around 800 USD. Most clothes and food items can be purchased here so do not overload your bags with that.
  • What you must take care of after your arrival: PDF
    • TL;DR Get your ID card from Beardshear. You can use the cyride for free if you display the ID card. Open bank account and apply for SSN as soon as you can especially if you are going to be on assistantship. 
  • The New Student Handbook, published by the IES.


If you have any more questions about the information above, or anything else related to your arrival or stay at ISU, please feel free to reach out to us!